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Welcome to the Riverside Public Library

1 Burling Road, Riverside, IL 60546

P: (708) 442 - 6366  |  F: (708) 442 - 9462

Library Exterior

Our Library

The Riverside Public Library is located on the banks of the Des Plaines River. Since the Library opened April 4, 1931, the Library has proudly served the people of the historic community of Riverside, Illinois. More importantly, the people of Riverside have supported the Library generously through this time, as evidenced through the beginnings of the Library coinciding with the Great Depression and continuing through today. An addition, completed in 1986, increased the original 7,500 square foot building to the present 17,500 square foot size. The Riverside Public Library has the distinction of being Landmark Number One, in a Village with Landmark Status! We welcome you to the Library and the many resources it offers.

Mission: To provide quality library service to all patrons.

Vision: To provide informational, educational and recreational opportunities to the community with its collection, programming and technology.

Emphasizes creating a welcoming environment to encourage patrons of all ages to develop and continue an interest in reading and learning.

Values its historic landmark significance, and its building's unique architectural atmosphere.

Riverside Library

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