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Summer Reading June 3 - July 29, 2024

Summer Reading 2024

Read – Renew – Repeat
June 3 – July 29

It isn’t summer without summer reading and this year we are celebrating the environment. Adults, teens, and kids can finish the program just by reading or by reading and participating in activities designed to get you thinking about the world around you.

We’re simplifying this year with just one log style for everyone. There will be a list of non-reading activities for Kids and a different one for Adults/Teens. No matter your age, you’ll fill out a square for each day you read or complete one of the possible activities. You’ll need to complete 30 days to finish the program with 3 check-ins along the way. Please note what date we open check-ins for each level. All registration and reporting must be completed in-person at the Library.


Finish all 30 days, play our Plinko board, and enter to win some amazing prizes!

Summer Reading Calendar

June 3:

Summer Reading Kickoff Party, 1 - 2 pm

Reptile Rodeo with The Reptile Den. Visit with fascinating reptiles & bugs, from crocodiles to giant pythons, tarantulas to giant cockroaches! Hands-on interactive, educational fun for the whole family.

Sign Up Party, 2 - 4 pm


Enjoy an icy treat and fun while you get started on your summer reading journey.

June 13:

Check-in 1 Begins

June 24:

Check-in 2 Begins

July 8:

Check-in 3 Begins

July 29:

Summer Reading Ends

Read Around Town Library Passport Adventure
Read Around Town:  Library Passport Adventure
June 1 – August 31, 2024
All Ages
Find out where your library card can take you!

Embark on an exciting summer adventure with Read Around Town! Take the opportunity to venture into neighboring libraries and discover their unique treasures.


Pick up your library passport from any participating library and set off to collect stamps as you explore each one.

Challenge yourself to gather as many stamps as possible, and then return your passport to your home library for a chance to win an incredible prize basket! Let the journey commence on June 1st.

Get started!
  • Visit any participating library to pick up your official Read Around Town: Library Passport Adventure, starting June 1

  • Participating libraries include Riverside Library, Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library, La Grange Park Library and La Grange Library.

  • Bookmark the map of libraries to easily access driving directions and library-specific information, like hours, phone number, and website!

Collect Stamps!

Visit as many libraries as you'd like. When you have the last stamp you would like to collect:

  • Fill out your passport with your full name, phone number, and home library.

  • Turn your passport in at your home library. Your home library is where you received your library card.

Do I need to visit all the libraries?

Visit as many libraries as you want!  Of course we would love for you to visit all the libraries, but we know that doesn't work for everyone. Each library you visit will give you a stamp on your passport. Collecting stamps earns tickets to your home library's Read Around Town gift basket.


          o    1 stamp collected = 1 ticket

I've collected all the stamps I want. Now what?

Visit your home library (where you received your library card) to turn in your passport. If you’ve collected four stamps, you'll receive one entry ticket for the Read Around Town drawing for the awesome basket curated by your home library!

Read Around Town Map
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