Why must Riverside Lawn residents pay for their library card?

          The Riverside Public Library serves the Village of Riverside. Anyone residing outside this area must apply for a non-resident card. Non-resident cards can only be issued to Riverside Lawn residents per Illinois Public Act 92-0166, which states that "A person residing outside of a public library service area must apply for a non-resident card at the library closest to the person's principal residence."

How is a non-resident library card different from a resident card?

          Non-resident cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Only one card can be issued per household.  Other than that, the card can be used at all surrounding libraries within the library system.

How much does a non-resident card cost?

          Non-resident card fees are calculated by using the Tax Bill Method. Our form (PDF) may be printed here. Please submit the completed form to the Patron Services Desk.