The Riverside Friends of the Library's 2013 Fundraising Drive began on a very appropriate day, February 14th!   By making a donation to the Friends, you allow them the ability to make donations to the Riverside Public Library.  The Library, in turn, uses these donations to provide special services, programs and equipment which benefit all patrons.  The Friends annually support the Summer Reading Program at the Library.  Friends help friends and everyone wins!  This year the Friends are introducing new premiums that have never been available previously - Aprons, towels, and oven mitts!  Emblazoned with the new EAT. READ. LOVE THE RIVERSIDE PUBLIC LIBRARY Logo, these items not only show support for the Library, but can help in the kitchen too!  With an $150 + membership, donors will have their choice of a navy or forest green apron, in addition to the dish towel and oven mitt.   Memberships in the $100 - $149 range offers you an apron in your choice of colors.  Donations in the $50 - $99 range gives you a choice of one of the dish towels or the oven mitt.  Basic membership is only $10, but with any donation $20 and up, you may purchase the premiums: aprons are $15 and towels or mitts are $5.  As a member of the Friends of the Library, you are also entitled to $10 savings on our Riverside Afghan!  All contributions to the Friends are tax deductible. Donations can be made with major credit cards or electronic checking through E-Pay. The current Friends of the Library Officers are: Ruth  Julian, President; Kimberly Keldermans, Treasurer; Diane Harris, Secretary; and Sarah Nielsen, Fundraising Chairperson.  In 2012 over  $8,000 was raised by the Friends.  Thank you for your continued support of the Friends of the Riverside Public Library!
"In Recognition of a Life"

On November 1, 2008, the Riverside Friends of the Library established a program to honor residents and patrons as they celebrate special life achievements, upon retirement of service to the community or as a permanent memorial upon their death. A book will be selected to recognize the following:

Riverside library card holder and/or Friend of the Library member upon notification of their death.

Retirements from the Library Board of Trustees, library employees, Friends of the Library officers, Village of Riverside Board of Trustees, Village of Riverside management officials or Riverside Township officials.

Monumental birthdays (100 years and over).

Wedding anniversaries (50 years and over).

Businesses and Organizations celebrating significant anniversaries.

Prominent residents of Riverside moving out of town.

A bookplate will be affixed to the donated book which identifies the reason for the donation, and a letter will be sent to the appropriate person/people involved. A list of annual recognitions will be published in the Library Newsletter, as well as on our website, on the Friends of the Library page. For more information about the program or to request a "Recognition of a Life" donation, please contact the Library Director, Janice Fisher, at 442-6366.
Honorees Lists: