How long can I check out a Roku and what do I need?

Riverside residents 18 and over can check out a Roku player for 1 week. There are no renewals at this time. You do need to have a home Wi-Fi connection and a Riverside library card in good standing.

What is a Roku?
A Roku streaming player is a device used to access online content and stream it to your TV. Millions of people use their Roku players every day to watch their favorite entertainment instantly and on demand.
What can I access with the Library's Roku players?
The Library has loaded digital copies of some of their newest DVD's and Blu-Ray discs to Vudu, an online streaming service. There are also over 50 other free channels including:
A&E (Television Shows & Web clips)
All Fitness (Web clips)
All (Web clips)
CNET (Web clips)
ESPN (Web clips)
History Channel (Movies & Television Shows)
National Geographic Kids (TV shows & Web clips)
Pandora (Music)
PBS (Movies & Television Shows)
Smithsonian Channel (Movies & TV Shows)
The Food Channel (Web clips)
The Wall Street Journal (Web clips)
The Weather Channel (Web clips)
Vevo (Music)