Internet access is available for adults through nine terminals in the Atrium. Sessions for residents are given for 30 minutes. Residents may continue their session for a total of 3 hours per day (or six 30-minute sessions) as long as computers are available. Patrons must abide by Library Rules and Regulations concerning the Internet (Please see the Policies and Procedures at the bottom of this page). Residents only need a valid Riverside Library card and must be in good standing to use the computers. Non-residents may request one 15-minute guest session, per day, free of charge, after which there is a $2 fee per half hour. Reservations are made at the Patron Services Desk. Contact Patron Services for more details.

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Five computers are available in the Children & Youth Services Department, two for children and three for young adults (ages 12-17). There are also two Family computers for parents and caregivers. All computers allow access to the Internet. Sign-up for all computers is done through the Children & Youth Services Desk. Please check the rules governing the use of the computers if you are interested in using them.

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The holdings of the library can be accessed through all of our Internet computers and through our Online Public Access Computers (OPACs). We have two OPACs located on our lower level and three located on our main level. In addition, two computers that support our online databases and two that are used for word processing are also for OPAC use.
The library also has two computers dedicated to word processing. Both of the computers have Office 2007 software which includes, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and FrontPage.
If you would like some help learning how to use a computer mouse, becoming familiar with the keyboard, learning the basics of Windows or setting up an email account, just call the Information Services Desk (708-442-6366) to set up an appointment for individualized instruction.