Candy Sushi Making at the Movshi Event

movshi collageThere was plenty of sweet sticky sushi treats and Anime episode watching last week. Didn’t get the chance to attend? You can make your own candy sushi at home. Click here for details.

Three Little Pigs Was a Blast!

Threepigs collageHere’s the pictures to prove it! Hope you got to see our Teen Volunteers in performance!

Book Review by Jacqueline

my brother sam book coverThis book takes place during the American Revolution. Many people wanted their freedom. In this book there is a young boy who has to choose between his brother or his father. His brother chose to be a rebel. His father chose to be a loyalist. They would get very angry at each other. The father was ashamed and embarrassed of his son. Sam decided to leave home. He left because he thought it was the right thing to do. He wanted to fight for what he believed in. He fought in many battles against the British. The father left too. The boy in the story (the brother of Sam) is Tim. Not having Sam or the father around made things hard for Tim. It meant that there was more work at home for Tim to do. He had a lot more chores and he had to do them in not a lot of time. In the end the father was sent to prison. The place was very unclean and nasty. He ( the father) died of infections and disease. The family received a letter explaining what had happened and the letter told Sam to forgive his father. That is what happened in this book.

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Book Review and Opinion by Lizbeth

Natural Cures “They” don’t Want You to Know About discusses many important topics, such as why we are sick, why we are overweight and much more.

The reason why we as Americans are so sick is due to our environment lifestyle. We live in a society that believes drugs, known as medicine, solve the medical problem, which is totally false. Every drug has side effects. Therefore, the the body develops something such as bacteria or viruses. The body cannot fight it off, (p. 72), which means the immune system is too weak to fight. When that happens, you become sick more often.

We are overweight because as Americans, we prefer to use the car than walk. Other countries walk about ten miles a day while Americans walk a quarter of a mile.

If you want more information about this book, go to your library and check out: Natural Cures “They” don’t want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau. This book is very useful information everyone should know!

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Action, Brawls, Superheros!

ThorIronMan Book Cover Asgard has suffered severe damage and Iron Man helps Thor with the clean-up. Meanwhile there’s been a super weapon created in Russia that gets utterly destroyed by a mysterious force. Iron Man goes to investigate and confronts the force that turns out to be Crimson Dynamo. Thor also has his hands full when Ulik, a troll shows up in Asgard to fight him. It seems that another force is gathering superheros to create a new, all-powerful God and Iron Man, Dynamo and Thor are his intended raw-materials. What will happen to them when The High Evoluntionary, God-maker extraordinaire begins his experiments? To find out, you will have to read, Thor/Iron Man: God Complex.

Riverside Foods Challenge!

Riverside Foods Challenge 012smRiverside Foods was the place to be Monday night. Our library hosted the “Riverside Foods Shopping Challenge” at the store from 7 to 8:30 pm. Eleven players on four teams were put through their paces finding answers to such puzzlers as, “Whose picture is on the current box of Wheaties?,” and “Which brand of cat food has the most flavor choices?” They also worked hard at physical challenges, weighing produce and labeling food items with the label gun. Everyone had a good time and returned to the library for a wrap-up party featuring snacks and prizes from Riverside Foods. Thank you Riverside Foods! We’ll see you next year?
This program and more to come are all a part of the Summer Reading Program. Have you joined yet?