Author Scoop: Connecting with Authors

Ever thought (horrors!) of doing something to one of your own book covers? It just might make that book you had to buy for an assigned reading a little more fun. Look at the pictures of these book covers, improved with the addition of googly eyes. Doesn’t it make you want to read them more?


This silly idea comes from a very clever Tumblr blog called, Googly Eye Books. How do you think book covers can be “improved?” Which ones would you recommend getting the googly eye treatment?

authors spill  CLICK ON THIS LINK!


Did you know that you can communicate with some of your favorite authors? Through their website, through personal book review sites such as Goodreads and other online sources like Skype and Youtube, your favorites want to connect with you, their reading public. Here’s a few:

Lauren Myracle:

Libba Bray:

Sara Shepard:

John Green:

Christopher Paolini talks about finishing Eragon series…

Click here for advise for you, you aspiring author you!

This one’s for all you Pretty Little Liars fans. Author Sara Shepard “tells all” in this article about her writing techniques. Click on this “A” to find out more.

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