Love Leads Us to Freedom

Have you heard of Stalin deporting innocent people from Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, etc. to the frozen land of Siberia? If not, Between Shades of Gray will expose the horrors of the life of a small Lithuanian family, in Kaunas, consisting of four people: Papa, Mother, Lina (15), and Jonas(9). It all begins with one night when NKVD soldiers barge into their small tidy home to be taken on a sickening trip in cattle cars to Siberia.(1941) They experience many hardships and some saddening deaths occur. There is no privacy, but there are strong emotions. The author, Ruta Sepetys, is a daughter of a refugee who suffered these cruel days. This is now my favorite book because now I know what happened to some of my relatives; they were Lithuanians. This is not a book about jokes; this is TRUE.

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  1. MinnieMouse

    This book is one I really want to read! Thanks Sushi!