Adam Henderson is a techno prodigy, give him broken down computer parts and he’ll change a whole room into a super computer. When Adam meets Finn, Emily, and Lewis he tries out his high-tech cameras with them. Adam soon finds a problem during a test with the cameras. He knows he has to solve the problem and drags the rest of the gang into it. In this series by Patrick Carmen you have to go online and watch videos to find out what happens during some of the most intense parts. And in the end the twist will have wanting more.

One response to “Trackers

  1. It sounds pretty intense. The beginning reminds me of this older show called MacGyver.(He was constantly making things out of scraps, mostly bombs, like this Adam Henderson.) I love techy stuff and this book review seems to grab you. This will probably be the next book I’m reading after I finish my other three books! Thanks for writing this great review!