Pretty Little Liars (the books) *Tease*

The pretty little liars books are all about betrayal, secrets, and four teenage girls. Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna all lost their best friend in seventh grade when she went missing the night of their sleepover and now three years later they’re trying to forget all of the horrible things Ali made them do and say. Hanna is having a bulimic problem, Emily doesn’t know who or what she likes, Aria’s father is cheating on her mother and only Aria knows, and Spencer keeps stealing from her sister. The problem is that only A knows and she/he can and will tell if they don’t do what A says.


3 responses to “Pretty Little Liars (the books) *Tease*

  1. ChatterBoxGiggles99

    I agree with bookworm1331. In my opinion, I absolutly LOVE the TV show Pretty Little Liars. I have never read the books, but I have heard that the book series and the TV shows are very very VERY different. I suggest only following one or the other. I wouldn’t follow both. Beileve me, it’s confusing!

  2. msjitterbug98

    AH! I LOVE THE PLL BOOKS!! :) The TV shows are so different, as me and ChatterBoxGiggles99 have discussed for hours on end *sheepish grin*, but the books and TV shows are both great. Relating to my first ever post, I still hate it when people make TV shows and movies out of books, but congrats to ABC Family for doing a fantastic job on this one.