Mockingjay – *SPOILER*

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins was the last of The Hunger Games series and was widely anticipated. I am not alone in thinking that this book was a severe disappointment to all of the fans. The novel clearly lacked the drama that gave the first two books such spark. It was so jam packed with action that it was boring. The ending was particualarly unsatisfying in the fact that Katniss’ romantic decision did not please either party (Gale or Peeta-which are you?)Not to mention the terribly depressing note on which the book was left following Prim’s death…To conclude: an unsatisfying cap off to the specaular Hunger Games series.

5 responses to “Mockingjay – *SPOILER*

  1. bookworm1331

    I believe that Kristen is totally correct, when I first read that Prim was dead I thought it was a joke. I believe that this book had a horrible ending. Prim should not have died and I think it would have been a better ending if I dont know she fell in love with Peta. I dont know, comment if u think im right or wrong.

  2. I am reading the first book and I am almost done. It is really good! I can’t wait to read the second one. Hopefully I have a different opinion then you about the last book.

  3. I really liked the first two books but I do agree the third book wasn’t as great. I also thought that Prim dieing was a joke. I feel they could have ended the series stronger and better.

  4. I agree that the last book in the series lacked excitement. Nothing really important happened during the course of the book and kind of was a drag to read. The ending when Katniss killed the rebel leader seemed unrealistic and the overall ending was unsatisfying.

  5. I disagree with your opinon on how Mocking Jay was a disapointment. I thought that when Prim died that it was good that Suzanne Collins made the death so quick because, then you would have to go back and read it to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Then once you realized that it wasn’t a joke you would take the time to feel sad for the character. One thing that I really liked about te book was how in the end after all of the sadness Katniss had a family and was happy. I thought that the end of this book was very satisfyng.