Leviathan (The Book)

I went on vacation this week and was in a long three hour car ride started and finished the book Leviathan. First of all who thinks Alex is a stick in the mud? Right when Deryn would say something interesting like barking spiders, Prince Alex (In an Austrian-Hungarian accent in perfect royal English but trying not to be perfect English, English) would say yeah ok.

Ok plot line, Prince Alex’s or as I like to call him Prince Buzz-Kill’s parents where killed. If that doesn’t mean much to you his dad was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Any-who Prince Buzz-Kill is whisked to safety by some friends.

Meanwhile in London there is a girl who wants to be a guy to join the air force. She becomes a boy with a clever disguise and joins the force. Will they ever meet? Will there be any more of a plot line, will prince buzz- kill ever stop being a Buzz-kill (I doubt it.)? Will I ever stop writing?

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