The Sword of Shannara

The Sword of Shannara is a great fantasy book that takes place in the world of the four lands. Its about a half-elf named Shea who was adopted by the Ohmsford family. At the beggining of the book the great historian and druid* Allanon visits shea and tells him and his adopted brother, Flick Ohmsford, that Shea is the last member of the elven house of Shannara and the only one who can wield the famous Sword of Shannara. The sword must be used on the rebel druid Brona who is trying to take over the four lands. He, his brother, Allanon and a dwarf named Balinor then emabark on a quest to recover the sword and use it to destroy Brona.
*A druid wizard who uses elemental magic

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