Monthly Archives: February 2013

Very Short Writing Contest

chicagobeansculptureThere’s a new writing contest in town! It’s called the Very Short Writing Contest. The challenge: can you express your thoughts and feelings about Chicago in 100 words or less? Your piece could be fiction, true story or poetry. The contest is for writers in 5th grade and up. Winning pieces will be displayed in the library and published on the On the Same Page website. What’s “On the Same Page” you ask? It’s the new collaborative reading program between Riverside Public Library and Brookfield Public library. We’re getting together this year to read, Never a City So Real by Alex Kotlowitz, a book all about Chicago. The writing contest is a part of all the fun programming that’s a part of the On the Same Page collaboration. Visit the website “On the Same Page” on our blogroll to the right to learn more about it. So, are you ready to write? Click on the picture at the top of this post to get to the entry form. You can print it out, or send us your entry in an email to: Writing contest deadline is March 1st.