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Books on CD bring characters to life… or death

Hold-me-Closer-NecromancerThere’s an amazing difference between reading a book and hearing it read to you as an audio book. Sometimes you start to hate the characters just because you don’t like the way the voice actors make them sound. That’s too bad because it can really ruin what would otherwise be an an enjoyable read. And sometimes… the voice actors get it so right that it’s amazing. That’s the case with Hold Me Closer Necromancer, read by Jonathan Todd Ross and Chris Sorensen. It’s the story of Sam LaCroix, a young fast food worker and college drop out whose life is turned inside out when he discovers he’s a necromancer–he can raise the dead, control zombies–cool stuff but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be since his life is also threatened by another necromancer. There’s plenty of goulish laughs, romance, and a lot of creepy and grizzly events in this one. Listen to it on a dark and stormy night.