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Daughter of Smoke and Bone Movie!

Yes, it’s another young adult book that will be turned into a movie. And this time it’s the fantasy/dystopian/romance mash-up, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, part one in a planned trilogy. Universal pictures announced that it has aquired the film rights to the whole series, (and the whole series hasn’t even been released yet in book form. How’s that for fast work?) If you haven’t read the first one yet, give it a try. It’s the story of a 17 year old art student named Karou who lives in Prague. She’s an orphan who’s stepfather is a “wish monger,” someone who buys teeth and pays the sometimes questionable teeth sellers in “wish money” currency. The world that author Laini Taylor creates is original and fascinating. The next one in the trilogy, Days of Blood and Starlight has already made it on the New York Times best seller list. If you enjoyed the romance aspect of Hunger Games, you will not be disappointed!

A doll version of the character "Karou" in the book, "Daughter of Smoke and Bone

A doll version of the character “Karou” in the book, “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”

Alex Rider

Alex is a teenager that lives with his uncle, Ian and “babby sitter”, Jack (They are like best friends). Then his uncle dies. When he goes to find out how, he gets sucked into a world of secrets. The Special opperations wanted to recrute him as a spi! It is more than just fun and games, as Alex soon finds out. One of these days he may not be lucky enough to stay alive…