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I started reading the second book of the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke. I am so confused sometimes when I’m reading this book b/c they introduce so many people and places. I always have to flip to the front b/c they have a map and a list of all the characters. I can’t believe Meggie (the main character) went into the Inkworld even though she knows its dangerous. I still need to finish the 2nd book but so far it’s taken me quite a long time to read it.

Making Books Into Movies

There’s nothing that I hate more then when some big, important director or writer runs out of ideas. Because when that writer or director runs out of ideas, they take a book that one of their nieces or nephews read last week and make it into a movie. And they read the book, no, not read, they skim the book, or maybe not even skim. Maybe they just read the back cover or the inside jacket and decide that they don’t like it. Then they’re back to square one. But they realize that they need an idea, so they go back to the book. That’s when this happens.

Director: I like the idea of this book, but I want to change everything.

Writer:  *with a big smile like a kid trying to impress their big cousin*Done!

Director: FANTASTIC! Now, lets get some D-list actors and a low-budget set and have this movie out by… hmm… Next month? How does that sound?

Writer: *a bit less sure* Done and doner, Mr. Big Director!

Does that sound pretty accurate to you? The answer is yes. Yes, it does. So some excited Book Blabbers hear the talk about this new book-movie and here’s what happens.

Abby: *freaking out* OH MY GOODNESS JOE! GUESS WHAT?!?!

Joe: What Abby?

Abby: They’re making that really amazing book into a movie! Let’s go see it at midnight!

Joe: OH MY GOODNESS! That will be so fun! Let’s go tell a zillion people and get all excited about it because this will be fantastic, I just know it!

Abby: Yay!

Then they skip happily away. You see, this is all Mr. Director’s big plan. He knows that kids will get very excited, but he also knows that his movie is going to make them very, very disappointed. Since kids are going to get excited about this, they will spend a lot of their babysitting money on this very expensive movie, and when they finish watching it, they will leave the theater stunned. Do you want to know why they are stunned? I’m sure you do, because if you are still reading this, you’re probably thinking “JEEZ GET TO THE POINT!!!!” and so I will.

The kids are stunned because the movie. Isn’t. Anything. Like. The. Book.

And now you’re saying “That’s true! I hate that, too! I’ve been stunned like that, too!”

It stinks. It’s terrible. And then Mr. Director is all happy sitting on his alpaca-wool couch eating caviar from a diamond-encrusted jar counting the zillions of dollars he made by disappointing innocent teenagers that just wanted to have a good time watching their favorite book come to life. But it doesn’t come to life. They change every bit of it, adding new characters, deleting characters, changing people’s names and sometimes even changing the entire meaning of the film, just with a flip of the switch. Do you like that? I don’t!
So all I’m asking of you, Book Blabbers, is to make sure you look into the Book-Movie before you go spend $14 on a ticket and $1,290,304 on snacks. ‘Till next time!

Love Leads Us to Freedom

Have you heard of Stalin deporting innocent people from Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, etc. to the frozen land of Siberia? If not, Between Shades of Gray will expose the horrors of the life of a small Lithuanian family, in Kaunas, consisting of four people: Papa, Mother, Lina (15), and Jonas(9). It all begins with one night when NKVD soldiers barge into their small tidy home to be taken on a sickening trip in cattle cars to Siberia.(1941) They experience many hardships and some saddening deaths occur. There is no privacy, but there are strong emotions. The author, Ruta Sepetys, is a daughter of a refugee who suffered these cruel days. This is now my favorite book because now I know what happened to some of my relatives; they were Lithuanians. This is not a book about jokes; this is TRUE.


Adam Henderson is a techno prodigy, give him broken down computer parts and he’ll change a whole room into a super computer. When Adam meets Finn, Emily, and Lewis he tries out his high-tech cameras with them. Adam soon finds a problem during a test with the cameras. He knows he has to solve the problem and drags the rest of the gang into it. In this series by Patrick Carmen you have to go online and watch videos to find out what happens during some of the most intense parts. And in the end the twist will have wanting more.

Pretty Little Liars (the books) *Tease*

The pretty little liars books are all about betrayal, secrets, and four teenage girls. Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna all lost their best friend in seventh grade when she went missing the night of their sleepover and now three years later they’re trying to forget all of the horrible things Ali made them do and say. Hanna is having a bulimic problem, Emily doesn’t know who or what she likes, Aria’s father is cheating on her mother and only Aria knows, and Spencer keeps stealing from her sister. The problem is that only A knows and she/he can and will tell if they don’t do what A says.


Mockingjay – *SPOILER*

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins was the last of The Hunger Games series and was widely anticipated. I am not alone in thinking that this book was a severe disappointment to all of the fans. The novel clearly lacked the drama that gave the first two books such spark. It was so jam packed with action that it was boring. The ending was particualarly unsatisfying in the fact that Katniss’ romantic decision did not please either party (Gale or Peeta-which are you?)Not to mention the terribly depressing note on which the book was left following Prim’s death…To conclude: an unsatisfying cap off to the specaular Hunger Games series.