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The Adventures of Troy White in Football Genius

Troy is a normal kid who lives with his single mother in Atlanta. He’s a big  football fan, and is the backup quarterback for his youth football team the Tigers. One thing that is not normal about him is that he can predict any football play before it happens on the field. Now all he needs to do is convince the Falcons star middle linebacker, Seth Halloway that his power isn’t a fake. Can Troy help turn around the Falcons season with he help of his friends Nathen and Tate? Read to find out!

The Order Of Odd-Fish (a really weird book. In a good way)

The reason I say it’s a really weird book is because some of the characters are cockroach butlers. There’s also a Chinese billionaire who becomes a villin and wears green goggles and his name is the Belgian Prankster. Before you meet these crazy people and insects, you meet Jo Larouche. She lives in the hot deserts of California, with her aunt Lily. Her Aunt Lily was having a costume party. After meeting an unusual man, and Sefino, a cockroach in a purple suit, things become strange. Very strange. Jo learns about her terrible birth and has to keep it a secret. Anyone who likes to laugh, books with action and odd statements, characters, and items….. well congratulations! You just found yourself another book to read this summer!