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Flight is the best!

You have heard of Graphic Novels, right? Well have you heard of a graphic novel that is a series of short stories within the graphic novel? Well that is exactly what the Flight series is all about. There are 8 of these graphic novels and the stories in it are written by different authors.The collection is edited by Kibuishi Kazu, who also wrote Amulet There are many different stories in it that explore a wide range of topics. Including Sports, Science Fiction, Fiction, and many more! Happy reading!

Laugh Out Loud!

In these two action packed adventure books, you will have the time of you life with the twins Coke and Pepsi (also called Pep) McDonald.  If you love crazy, funny, and dangerous books- here’s your ticket to heaven.  If you like codes or spy stuff you will also love this book.  These books got me hooked the second I started.    If you absolutely hate codes, ciphers, danger, crazy, or funny, these books are most definitely not for you.  I think you would be more comfortable with a dictionary if you don’t like even one of these things. 

A dragon finger?!!

›In Dragon’s Keep Princess Rosalind is born with a dragon claw where her ring finger should be. To hide this secret, the queen forces her to wear gloves at all times until a cure can be found, and Rosalind can fulfill the prophecy that will restore her family to its rightful throne.
        But Rosalind’s flaw cannot be separated from her fate.   When she is carried off by the dragon, everything she thought she knew falls apart…
This book is an all new and unique adventure for princess and dragon fans alike.  And people who just want a good story.


In Ranger’s Apprentice the main character,Will, is an orphan.  He lives in the area surrounding the Castle Arulian.  On Choosing Day, a day that is special to the orphans only, the masters of each ‘job’ in the castle, such as ranger, horse master/trainer, Battle school, blacksmith, etc., come out and choose an orphan for their  apprentice.  Will is the smallest of the orphans, but he still wants to be in battle school, where all of the knights are trained.  The reason for this is that, when he appeared on the doorstep of the castle, there was a note.  The note said that his mother had died when he was born and his father had died a heroic death.  Will wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a knight because, to him, it was obvious that that was what his father was.  But he was slim, short, and quick on his feet.  These were the opposite of what you had to have to go to battle school.  When he is refused a chance to go to battle school, another master takes interest in him, one that was shrouded in mystery…

Stuck on Earth by David Klass

This is the story of Ketchvar III, a gastropod from the planet “Sandoval” who wiggles his way into the body of Tom Filber, a fourteen year old incoming freshman. Why? Ketchvar must decide the fate of the human race: will they be annihilated, or allowed to muddle along, barely able to conduct their own lives, let alone take care of planet earth. There’s plenty of evidence for the decision to annihilate humans. In Ketchvar’s opinion, they’ve driven their beautiful planet towards the brink of an untimely demise. They are willfully violent towards each other, misinterpreting any basic kindnesses so that they may continue on their destructive path. At least that is how Ketchvar sees it as through Tom Filber’s eyes. Ketchvar’s first experience as Tom Filber is alarming.  His mother chases Ketchvar/Tom around with a broom after finding potato chip crumbs strewn around on her porch; Tom’s doing. On another occasion, his sister accosts him with a cattle prod as he attempts to escape his mother by taking a short-cut through her room. These scenes are actually pretty funny, in spite of the serious dysfunctionality of Tom’s family. More humor comes in the form of Ketchvar attempting to access some sage advise from Tom’s consciousness, which has been enveloped in a “Ragwellian Bubble.” Tom talks to Ketchvar, dispensing sage advice like, “Duck behind the tree and make a run for it.” But when Tom’s advice is to “go for some tongue action” during a tender kissing scene with the neighbor girl, it backfires miserably. Both Ketchvar and Tom have a lot to learn. This novel explores the human spirit from the eyes of an outsider, something that many of us may have felt at one time or another.

Christopher Paolini finishes his series

Scheduled release date is November 8th. Go to “Author Scoop” page to see what he has to say about finishing this epic series.