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In Ranger’s Apprentice the main character,Will, is an orphan.  He lives in the area surrounding the Castle Arulian.  On Choosing Day, a day that is special to the orphans only, the masters of each ‘job’ in the castle, such as ranger, horse master/trainer, Battle school, blacksmith, etc., come out and choose an orphan for their  apprentice.  Will is the smallest of the orphans, but he still wants to be in battle school, where all of the knights are trained.  The reason for this is that, when he appeared on the doorstep of the castle, there was a note.  The note said that his mother had died when he was born and his father had died a heroic death.  Will wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a knight because, to him, it was obvious that that was what his father was.  But he was slim, short, and quick on his feet.  These were the opposite of what you had to have to go to battle school.  When he is refused a chance to go to battle school, another master takes interest in him, one that was shrouded in mystery…

Stuck on Earth by David Klass

This is the story of Ketchvar III, a gastropod from the planet “Sandoval” who wiggles his way into the body of Tom Filber, a fourteen year old incoming freshman. Why? Ketchvar must decide the fate of the human race: will they be annihilated, or allowed to muddle along, barely able to conduct their own lives, let alone take care of planet earth. There’s plenty of evidence for the decision to annihilate humans. In Ketchvar’s opinion, they’ve driven their beautiful planet towards the brink of an untimely demise. They are willfully violent towards each other, misinterpreting any basic kindnesses so that they may continue on their destructive path. At least that is how Ketchvar sees it as through Tom Filber’s eyes. Ketchvar’s first experience as Tom Filber is alarming.  His mother chases Ketchvar/Tom around with a broom after finding potato chip crumbs strewn around on her porch; Tom’s doing. On another occasion, his sister accosts him with a cattle prod as he attempts to escape his mother by taking a short-cut through her room. These scenes are actually pretty funny, in spite of the serious dysfunctionality of Tom’s family. More humor comes in the form of Ketchvar attempting to access some sage advise from Tom’s consciousness, which has been enveloped in a “Ragwellian Bubble.” Tom talks to Ketchvar, dispensing sage advice like, “Duck behind the tree and make a run for it.” But when Tom’s advice is to “go for some tongue action” during a tender kissing scene with the neighbor girl, it backfires miserably. Both Ketchvar and Tom have a lot to learn. This novel explores the human spirit from the eyes of an outsider, something that many of us may have felt at one time or another.

The Adventures of Troy White in Football Genius

Troy is a normal kid who lives with his single mother in Atlanta. He’s a big  football fan, and is the backup quarterback for his youth football team the Tigers. One thing that is not normal about him is that he can predict any football play before it happens on the field. Now all he needs to do is convince the Falcons star middle linebacker, Seth Halloway that his power isn’t a fake. Can Troy help turn around the Falcons season with he help of his friends Nathen and Tate? Read to find out!

The Order Of Odd-Fish (a really weird book. In a good way)

The reason I say it’s a really weird book is because some of the characters are cockroach butlers. There’s also a Chinese billionaire who becomes a villin and wears green goggles and his name is the Belgian Prankster. Before you meet these crazy people and insects, you meet Jo Larouche. She lives in the hot deserts of California, with her aunt Lily. Her Aunt Lily was having a costume party. After meeting an unusual man, and Sefino, a cockroach in a purple suit, things become strange. Very strange. Jo learns about her terrible birth and has to keep it a secret. Anyone who likes to laugh, books with action and odd statements, characters, and items….. well congratulations! You just found yourself another book to read this summer!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

     The first book in the Percy Jackson series is a success and is really interesting.  It starts off with a normal kid named Percy who finds out that he isn’t who he thought he was.  His life changes when he finds out that his field trip supervisor is really an evil monster trying to kill him.  Then in a stunning turn of events Percy learns that everything isn’t how he thought and his dad is closer than he may think.  This book is great for everyone who likes adventure or who has liked the Harry Potter or Pendragon series.  You will always want to keep reading.

Roller skates

At school, everyone in my grade had to read one Newbery book. I picked Roller Skates. Roller Skates is about a girl, Lucinda, who has to go to an “orphanage”. That’s what Lucinda calls it, “I’m a temporary orphan!” Her mother takes the whole family to Europe, but has to leave Lucinda behind.  Ms. Nettie owned the house along with Ms. Peters. Lucinda’s mother shouldn’t have been worried because little did she know; Lucinda can make friends of all kinds!