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In Ranger’s Apprentice the main character,Will, is an orphan.  He lives in the area surrounding the Castle Arulian.  On Choosing Day, a day that is special to the orphans only, the masters of each ‘job’ in the castle, such as ranger, horse master/trainer, Battle school, blacksmith, etc., come out and choose an orphan for their  apprentice.  Will is the smallest of the orphans, but he still wants to be in battle school, where all of the knights are trained.  The reason for this is that, when he appeared on the doorstep of the castle, there was a note.  The note said that his mother had died when he was born and his father had died a heroic death.  Will wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a knight because, to him, it was obvious that that was what his father was.  But he was slim, short, and quick on his feet.  These were the opposite of what you had to have to go to battle school.  When he is refused a chance to go to battle school, another master takes interest in him, one that was shrouded in mystery…

The Sword of Shannara

The Sword of Shannara is a great fantasy book that takes place in the world of the four lands. Its about a half-elf named Shea who was adopted by the Ohmsford family. At the beggining of the book the great historian and druid* Allanon visits shea and tells him and his adopted brother, Flick Ohmsford, that Shea is the last member of the elven house of Shannara and the only one who can wield the famous Sword of Shannara. The sword must be used on the rebel druid Brona who is trying to take over the four lands. He, his brother, Allanon and a dwarf named Balinor then emabark on a quest to recover the sword and use it to destroy Brona.
*A druid wizard who uses elemental magic


Adam Henderson is a techno prodigy, give him broken down computer parts and he’ll change a whole room into a super computer. When Adam meets Finn, Emily, and Lewis he tries out his high-tech cameras with them. Adam soon finds a problem during a test with the cameras. He knows he has to solve the problem and drags the rest of the gang into it. In this series by Patrick Carmen you have to go online and watch videos to find out what happens during some of the most intense parts. And in the end the twist will have wanting more.

Futuristic Books

I just recently finished a great book called Divergent by Veronica Roth. It is a fast moving, action packed book that takes place in future Chicago. The main character, Tris, is a strong female character with personality. I recomend this book for anyone looking for an exciting book with a mix of romance. What are some your favorite books set in the future?