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Books about Books and Libraries

It’s back to school and back to the library as your after school hang out and even if you aren’t quite ready for summer to be over, we’re glad you’re back to visiting us!

Libraries are great places to read and hang out. Everyone knows that, right? But did you know there are books about libraries that may be very different than the calm, quiet and mystery-free place you’ve come to expect? Here are four books that feature books and libraries that are quite unusual:

mrlemoncelloEscape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library – Chris Grabenstein (J GRABENSTEIN). Main character Kyle Keely wins a place in the overnight event at the new library designed by famous (and evil) game creator Luigi Lemoncello. Kyle, along with his fellow sleepover guests, must solve the puzzles and clues to escape or risk all.

LibraryWarsLibrary Wars – Kiiro Yumi (GRAPHIC YA LIBRARY). This Manga fantasy series pits the Library Defense Force, committed to saving books against the government agents who have vowed to rid the world of all books. Who will win?

Shadow of the WindShadow of the Wind – (F RUIZ ZAFON). A young man picks a book from a secret library and must vow to protect it his whole life. But who is ridding the world of all knowledge of his book and why?

farneheit_451 (1)Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury (PB YA BRADBURY, F BRADBURY). The classic science fiction tale that centers on book burning and a society where everyone’s okay with that. Well not everyone…

Do You Dinosaur?

So, as many of you already know, jurassic-parksmallerJurassic Park, the 1993 movie has just come out in 3-D in movie theaters and will soon be available for the small screen. I love this movie, but I love the book that it’s based on even more. Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park came out in 1990. If you read it now, you’ll be surprised at how much the world has changed. The book talks about cray supercomputers and there are no cell phones. It’s still a scary book and it’s a lot darker than the movie. Interesting how books and movies take a different direction, isn’t it? What’s your favorite book that’s been made into a movie?

Alex Rider

Alex is a teenager that lives with his uncle, Ian and “babby sitter”, Jack (They are like best friends). Then his uncle dies. When he goes to find out how, he gets sucked into a world of secrets. The Special opperations wanted to recrute him as a spi! It is more than just fun and games, as Alex soon finds out. One of these days he may not be lucky enough to stay alive…

Here lies Arthur

When Gwyna’s master’s home is destroyed, she escapes the flames by swimming with the river. When she drags herself onto the banks, a man takes her with him. He turns her into a boy, a lake-spirit, and a pro story-spinner. Her new life goes on to show how Arthur really became the hero he is now. Gwyna life is now one of excitement and betrayl.

I’ve got that Dystopian feeling… again!

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games then you’ve gotten a taste for dystopia–books about a society changed forever by something that happened in the past. If you’ve finished The Hunger Games and you are “hungry” (so sorry) for more books set in a dystopian future, then how about trying Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi. It’s a story about a young man called “Nailer” who makes a living tearing apart rusty, abandoned ships. It’s a tough and dangerous job made even more dangerous by the oil fumes, dirt, dust and the company Nailer keeps. Complicating his life is the fact that his father has crashed into the dark world of gangs and drugs. Nailer’s life is grim, but there are a few bright spots. His friend and boss, Pima represents a safe haven. Her family protects Nailer from his father. But no one can protect them from a “city killer” a typhon storm that sweeps through their coastal village. When a clipper ships also blows ashore, things get even more complicated when Pima and Nailer rescue a young heiress who’s running away from her father’s enemies. There is plenty of action, danger, and a bit of romance too; enough to satisfy all of you out there pining away after finishing The Hunger Games series.

ABE Awards?

A few of you have been asking for books on the ABE Award list, and rest assured, we’ve either got them, or can get them for you. Never heard of them? The Abraham Lincoln Award is the high school award given to a book that gets the most votes from a list prepared by the Illinois School Library Media Association, and like the Caudill and Blue Stem awards, classes vote for their favorite on the list. If your school’s not participating, that’s okay. You can still read from the list and they have some great titles, like Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Matched by Ally Condie. You can get the whole list by visiting the website: