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Book Review by Jacqueline

my brother sam book coverThis book takes place during the American Revolution. Many people wanted their freedom. In this book there is a young boy who has to choose between his brother or his father. His brother chose to be a rebel. His father chose to be a loyalist. They would get very angry at each other. The father was ashamed and embarrassed of his son. Sam decided to leave home. He left because he thought it was the right thing to do. He wanted to fight for what he believed in. He fought in many battles against the British. The father left too. The boy in the story (the brother of Sam) is Tim. Not having Sam or the father around made things hard for Tim. It meant that there was more work at home for Tim to do. He had a lot more chores and he had to do them in not a lot of time. In the end the father was sent to prison. The place was very unclean and nasty. He ( the father) died of infections and disease. The family received a letter explaining what had happened and the letter told Sam to forgive his father. That is what happened in this book.

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I started reading the second book of the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke. I am so confused sometimes when I’m reading this book b/c they introduce so many people and places. I always have to flip to the front b/c they have a map and a list of all the characters. I can’t believe Meggie (the main character) went into the Inkworld even though she knows its dangerous. I still need to finish the 2nd book but so far it’s taken me quite a long time to read it.

Mockingjay – *SPOILER*

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins was the last of The Hunger Games series and was widely anticipated. I am not alone in thinking that this book was a severe disappointment to all of the fans. The novel clearly lacked the drama that gave the first two books such spark. It was so jam packed with action that it was boring. The ending was particualarly unsatisfying in the fact that Katniss’ romantic decision did not please either party (Gale or Peeta-which are you?)Not to mention the terribly depressing note on which the book was left following Prim’s death…To conclude: an unsatisfying cap off to the specaular Hunger Games series.