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…and only the Strong Survived!

HungerGames2012  Click on this link to see highlights of the Hunger Games, Riverside Public Library style!

Kenneth Oppel Tackles Frankenstein!

This Dark Endeavor Book Trailer

Christopher Paolini finishes his series

Scheduled release date is November 8th. Go to “Author Scoop” page to see what he has to say about finishing this epic series.

The Adventures of Troy White in Football Genius

Troy is a normal kid who lives with his single mother in Atlanta. He’s a big  football fan, and is the backup quarterback for his youth football team the Tigers. One thing that is not normal about him is that he can predict any football play before it happens on the field. Now all he needs to do is convince the Falcons star middle linebacker, Seth Halloway that his power isn’t a fake. Can Troy help turn around the Falcons season with he help of his friends Nathen and Tate? Read to find out!

Roller skates

At school, everyone in my grade had to read one Newbery book. I picked Roller Skates. Roller Skates is about a girl, Lucinda, who has to go to an “orphanage”. That’s what Lucinda calls it, “I’m a temporary orphan!” Her mother takes the whole family to Europe, but has to leave Lucinda behind.  Ms. Nettie owned the house along with Ms. Peters. Lucinda’s mother shouldn’t have been worried because little did she know; Lucinda can make friends of all kinds!


I started reading the second book of the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke. I am so confused sometimes when I’m reading this book b/c they introduce so many people and places. I always have to flip to the front b/c they have a map and a list of all the characters. I can’t believe Meggie (the main character) went into the Inkworld even though she knows its dangerous. I still need to finish the 2nd book but so far it’s taken me quite a long time to read it.