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News for Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” Series

The twelfth (twelfth!) Pretty Little Liars book is ordered and on its way to Riverside Public Library. “Burned” promises to be an extra hot continuation of the series. And no, it is not the last one, just in case you didn’t know. The thirteenth (thirteenth!) book in the series, “Crushed” is expected to release June 4, 2013.

Calling all Writers! (and Readers)

On Monday, November 19 and November 26 from 7 to 8 pm, the Writers and Readers club will meet downstairs at the Library. It’s just for Riverside people in 6th to 8th grade. Be there for writing games where we will gear up for character development, description and other snarly writing stuff. Be there to discuss (or criticize) a new book, genre or movie. It’s going to be the literary event of the year! (Or at least a fun way to spend your Monday evening.)

Friday Night Film Club

On Friday, November 16, at the library you will be able to stay after hours for the Friday Night film club. If you were here last time, you know that club members get to choose the next film. This week’s is, “Moonrise Kingdom,” the story of a boy, a girl, and a dream to make their own world in the middle of family dysfunction and boy scout camp. Show starts at 4 pm. It’s only for Riverside 6th grade and up and there will be popcorn, pizza and other movie treats. Fill your mind and your stomach! (This movie is rated PG-13, and that’s okay. Just bring a signed permission slip if you are a 6th grader who is 12 years old.)

Reassembly in progress!

Ah Frankentoys, the stuff of nightmares? These recombined little darlings are the result of two days of Frankentoys workshops at the library on October 29th and 30th. And speaking of recombining and changing things, we’re going to be changing the blog. It will be assembled from the different parts of your special interests; maybe even a new name? Watch for the strange and amazing new changes coming soon!

ABE Awards?

A few of you have been asking for books on the ABE Award list, and rest assured, we’ve either got them, or can get them for you. Never heard of them? The Abraham Lincoln Award is the high school award given to a book that gets the most votes from a list prepared by the Illinois School Library Media Association, and like the Caudill and Blue Stem awards, classes vote for their favorite on the list. If your school’s not participating, that’s okay. You can still read from the list and they have some great titles, like Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Matched by Ally Condie. You can get the whole list by visiting the website:

The Fine Art of The Hunger Games

If you haven’t had your fill of Susan Collin’s The Hunger Games yet, check out what these people have created to express their appreciation of the series in visual format. People have gone so far as to create a “Peeta Mellark Pumpkin,” a knitted mocking jay pin and even frosted cookies decorated with quotes and images from the books. It’s amazing what a book can inspire you to do! How about you? Do you have any Hunger Games artwork to share? To see some examples click on this link: