Beware the Crazy CD Snowman!!!

Beware the Crazy CD Snowman!!!

Our last “Makerspace Mini” is called, CD Mania! You too could make a crazy CD snowman of your own to take home or anything else that you decide to make with CDs and other exciting mixed media supplies. Yes, you can make something interesting out of a CD, maybe some feathers, markers, and assorted other craft supplies. Come on, you know you want to! (Listen to the peer pressure this time. It’s for the good of your own budding imagination!) This workshop is going to be on Monday, November 4th from 3:30 pm to 5 pm, (but you can leave early if you’ve had enough.) For students in 5th grade and up.

Make Stuff! (at Monday Makerspace Mini’s)

Knotting a Bracelet

Knotting a Bracelet

There’s going to be a lot of making going on at the library! Makerspace is a new approach to making stuff. It’s a chance to work with materials and make your own designs. It’s not your typical arts and crafts class with everyone doing the projects that look the same. We want you to feel free to design it yourself! Our “Makerspace Mini’s” will center on a general theme, provide you with the supplies, and then YOU take it from there! We’re going to start with three sessions, but who knows where we’ll go from there?

All sessions take place on Mondays from 3:30 pm to 5 pm (But you don’t have to stay for the whole time if you have other things to get to). Here’s the schedule:

October 21 – Flipbooks
October 28 – Bracelets
November 4 – CD Mania!

Not what your teachers might say… or would they?

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Books about Books and Libraries

It’s back to school and back to the library as your after school hang out and even if you aren’t quite ready for summer to be over, we’re glad you’re back to visiting us!

Libraries are great places to read and hang out. Everyone knows that, right? But did you know there are books about libraries that may be very different than the calm, quiet and mystery-free place you’ve come to expect? Here are four books that feature books and libraries that are quite unusual:

mrlemoncelloEscape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library – Chris Grabenstein (J GRABENSTEIN). Main character Kyle Keely wins a place in the overnight event at the new library designed by famous (and evil) game creator Luigi Lemoncello. Kyle, along with his fellow sleepover guests, must solve the puzzles and clues to escape or risk all.

LibraryWarsLibrary Wars – Kiiro Yumi (GRAPHIC YA LIBRARY). This Manga fantasy series pits the Library Defense Force, committed to saving books against the government agents who have vowed to rid the world of all books. Who will win?

Shadow of the WindShadow of the Wind – (F RUIZ ZAFON). A young man picks a book from a secret library and must vow to protect it his whole life. But who is ridding the world of all knowledge of his book and why?

farneheit_451 (1)Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury (PB YA BRADBURY, F BRADBURY). The classic science fiction tale that centers on book burning and a society where everyone’s okay with that. Well not everyone…

Seaglass Summer: Molly recommends it!

SeaglassSummerSeaglass Summer is about a girl named Poppy whose parents are going to India to see their family. Poppy doesn’t want to go to India this year, so her parents send her on a plane to a small island off of Washington State to stay with Poppy’s Uncle Sanjay, who is a veterinarian and owns a vet. Poppy is very excited to go to the island and the vet because Poppy’s mother is allergic to animals. The first time to the vet, she is so excited! But even worse, on the way to the house, all of Poppy’s clothes fall out of the car into a puddle! This story is about adventure, friends and family!      Book Review by Molly.

Toga Party!

It happened Tuesday, July 30th. Were you there???toga collage